Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Industry in Hyderabad: Strategies and Best Practices

The year 2020 changed the face of the healthcare industry forever. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world was at the mercy of healthcare services. Amid such trying times, the industry witnessed a much-needed facelift. From virtual consultations to adopting artificial intelligence, the segment has undergone several positive changes. Needless to say, if you own a hospital or standalone clinic, you have to adopt healthcare digital marketing in order to thrive. With a solid online presence, you can get in front of your patients, and stay ahead of your competition.  It’s never too late to step up your digital marketing game. As one of the best healthcare digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad, we’ve chalked out some tried-and-tested strategies and practices that will help you enhance patient volumes and offer them a seamless experience. Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitals
  • Start with an Easy-to-Navigate, Responsive Website
Your website serves as the first impression of your healthcare organisation. A decade ago, a website was solely meant to impress prospective clients and familiarise them with your brand. However, things are different today. Patients care about your layout, content and navigation. If scheduling an appointment is taking too long, they might consider another healthcare clinic. Therefore, ensure the landing page of your website is responsive. It should have all the details the user is looking for. Patient login, appointment booking widget and contact details are a few things that should be positioned at eye level. By placing these elements on the homepage, they don’t have to go searching around the site.
  • Focus on SEO
You may have the best-looking and most informative website but all your efforts might go in vain if it isn’t optimised for search engines. Thus, it is of paramount importance that local SEO is a part of your healthcare digital marketing strategy. This will ensure your services are visible to users in your region or location. To increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic to your website, ensure you use specific keywords that users are most likely to search for. However, don’t stuff your site with healthcare-related terms. Instead, use high-volume keywords in your page title, URL, meta-descriptions, alt image tags and blogs. It is also important that the keywords sound natural within the rest of the copy. Besides keywords, relevant backlinks also enhance your chances of being found by prospective clients.
  • Maintain an Online Reputation
Did you know? 88% of healthcare consumers start their search for a provider online, and 80% read online reviews before they choose a clinic or hospital. This makes online reputation management a priority.  Since consumers are on the lookout for a healthcare provider they can trust, it is important to ensure patient reviews, feedback and testimonials are positive across all online channels. While it creates social proof and credibility, it also gives your patients a chance to engage with your brand directly. Ask patients to leave their feedback on your ‘Google My Business’ profile. Since most people turn to the search engine to learn more about your business, it would be ideal if a few authentic reviews are listed. Also, ensure the rest of the details (website, contact info, images) on your profile are up-to-date. 
  • Video Marketing Works
We strongly recommend video marketing for the healthcare industry. Audiences are more inclined towards visual content. In fact, most users choose videos over reading a blog. Therefore, as a healthcare organisation, your goal should be to create videos that are informative and engaging. Since it includes lighting, music and structure, it can evoke powerful emotions in the viewer. Besides getting experienced doctors to speak about various conditions, you can also make customer testimonial videos. New patients are more likely to trust existing ones. The videos you create can be circulated on WhatsApp, YouTube, and other social media platforms.
  • Email Marketing is a Saviour
As a reputed healthcare digital marketing agency, we’ve realised that old-school methods of marketing work too. Whether you’re a new or established clinic, email marketing for the healthcare industry can assure you some promising results. It is the oldest and most cost-effective form of marketing. If you have an email database of your customers, you can actually use this to your advantage to send them emails periodically. Remember, no spamming. If you’ve added a new procedure or equipment, it’s always nice to let them know. Besides this, you can also plan for a monthly newsletter. Amid the pandemic, everyone would be delighted to receive general healthcare information that would keep them safe. To direct traffic to your website or social media pages, you can also add “read more” links.  Building your healthcare business online is the need of the hour since everybody turns to the internet to look for illness symptoms, doctors, and more. If you’re looking for a healthcare digital marketing company to establish your online presence, we’re at your service. To learn more about how we can give your brand a digital transformation, visit

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