How Digital Marketing can help Educational institutes in Hyderabad

How Digital Marketing can help Educational institutes in Hyderabad

In the past few years, the education sector has undergone multiple transformations and developments. The COVID-19 pandemic has also been a catalyst in bringing about a major change in the field of education. Students and parents alike use the internet as a primary source to seek any kind of information. Whether it’s finding specific courses, or understanding the fee structure and admission process of an educational institute, digital media plays an important role. Needless to say, digital marketing for the education industry is something top schools, colleges and institutions are focusing on. The right strategy will not just improve your ranking but also build credibility of your school/university. 

As a marketing agency for education, we understand the prerequisites of search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing and several other mediums. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for Schools & Colleges

In this blog, we aim at discussing the strategies that will help schools and colleges boost their visibility and presence online:

  • Attractive & User-friendly Website

To start with, you need to create a website that is attractive and highly responsive. It should not just leave a positive impression on the students but also the parents who are seeking admission of their children into your school or college. It should also be content-rich and easy to navigate. All the information on the website should also be easy to access, be it a specific course, admission process, department or COVID-related information. These days, parents with younger children are concerned about the steps being taken by a school with regard to COVID. Therefore, having a designated page for the same is important. Also, remember to optimise your website for smartphones.

  • SEO & Content Marketing

If you want more students and parents to choose your educational institute over your competitors, SEO has to be a part of your digital marketing strategy. As experts in offering education marketing services in Hyderabad, we’ve realised that your website, articles, blogs and eBooks should include content that address a parent’s pain points.  Since they’re likely to turn to leading search engines for their queries to be answered, chances are your website will appear on page one only if you use relevant keywords, and perform on-page and off-page SEO activities. 

For schools and colleges, local SEO matters too. Therefore, you have to make sure your ‘Google My Business’ profile is up-to-date. 

  • Video Production & Marketing

Today, video content has a better engagement rate than text content. If you aim at gaining traction on the internet, you should be creating video content for YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. With schools opening up again after the lockdown, the need of the hour is for you to create all sorts of videos that will make parents feel rest assured of the safety of their children. Corporate films and commercial ads should be your top priority. Video marketing for the education industry is not just a valuable tool to market your products and services but also a form of educating and informing parents regarding their child’s future. While longer duration videos are ideal for YouTube and Facebook, you can even consider creating one-minute videos that can be circulated on WhatsApp. 

  • Social Media Marketing

If you own a university or college for higher-education, you should consider having a well-defined brand presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. It’s not just an economically-viable tool but also a sure-shot way to build the credibility of your brand. Since students spend most of their time on social media platforms, your goal should be to create content that will attract them. You can even post about the events happening in your premises, and informative interviews that will urge them to enrol into your institute. Your social media strategy should focus on educating your followers rather than selling your product/service.

You can even create groups on LinkedIn that include students from the previous years. Nothing gets better than seeking information directly from the horse’s mouth. When positive things are said about your brand online, your overall image and reputation automatically improves. Besides this, you can even create a Facebook community page where conversations and discussions can take place.

Digital marketing in the education sector isn’t as difficult as it seems. With the right guidance and strategy, you can flourish and reap even 10x return. To learn more about the education marketing services we offer, visit or call +91 9010972299.

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