How Digital Marketing Can Support Real Estate Companies in Hyderabad?

How Digital Marketing Can Support Real Estate Companies in Hyderabad?
  There are no two thoughts about the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted various sectors of the global economy, and the real estate industry is no exception. Quarantine and social distancing put house viewings to a halt. This forced real estate brokers, agents and developers to rethink and rebuild strategies to attract potential homebuyers. Amidst such times, real estate digital marketing services gained major impetus. Virtual house viewings have become the order of the day as much as closing deals over the internet.  Now more than ever, digital marketing has a crucial role to play in the real estate industry. With the competition being fierce, the only way to attract would-be buyers is by putting your best foot forward on social media and other digital channels.  Did you know? 92% of homebuyers first search online when looking for the house of their dreams. Additionally, 82% of real estate investors trust online agents as a reliable source of information. This makes it imperative to take your business online and boost its presence. Real Estate Marketing in Hyderabad: 4 Best Digital Strategies As experts in digital marketing for real estate companies, we present you with the best strategies that can help you establish trust with customers.
  • Focus on Video Content
In the real estate industry, video marketing has gained immense popularity. Besides being convenient, it is also attention-grabbing and engaging. Since the lockdown restricted site visits, a lot of real estate agents leveraged on high-quality videos to generate leads and business. Based on the format of the video, it can be shared on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. Homebuyers and real estate investors too are finding this an easy and safe way to enjoy virtual site visits. As a real estate digital marketing agency, we suggest you leverage on branded videos and live videos to showcase your offerings in the best possible way. Branded videos are considered far more engaging than normal videos. They usually include signature elements such as thumbnails, video titles and other aesthetics. Such videos seek to inform the viewer through narration.  On the other hand, live videos are perfect for millennial homebuyers. Since they’re likely to spend more time on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, you can livestream a house tour. This also gives you the opportunity to show your prospects raw, authentic and unedited footage.
  • SEO & Content Marketing Matters
When a person is looking for their dream home, they turn to search engines. In the search bar, they usually enter a location where they want to make an investment. This makes it important for real estate brands to optimise content for SEO. Content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand. To start with keyword research is imperative. When used across various content formats, it will help attract buyers who are searching for properties online. The content on the website, blogs, articles, whitepapers and social media should all be SEO-compliant. Though SEO is a long-drawn process, it promises high-quality leads. In the quest of offering your prospects informative content, don’t forget to include some form of call-to-action. When they interact and get involved in your content, they’re more likely to sign-up for a virtual home tour. 
  • Consider Digital Audio Advertising
Digital audio has been one of the fastest growing media of 2021 for the real estate industry. It helps effectively reach more people in a way visual ads cannot. In audio advertising, advertisements are placed pre-roll or mid-roll in a podcast, digital radio or music streaming service like Spotify. It gives real estate agents and developers a chance to promote their brand to a specific demographic based on their listening preferences. This is the best way to expand the exposure of your real estate agency and drive action from aspiring buyers/investors.
  • Create an Effective Social Media Strategy
If you’re a real estate brand looking to attract millennial homebuyers, social media marketing has to be a part of your digital strategy. This target group relies heavily on social media and their decisions are influenced by it too. Therefore, if your brand is not on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, you’re probably missing out. To stay connected with customers, realtors should focus on a mobile-centric approach. In fact, today there are several apps too that give new homeowners live construction updates and a status of their site visits.  The content you put on social media platforms also matters in enhancing your views and keeping followers engaged. The content should be informative without hard-selling your product. You could post DIY practical tips on home improvement, how-to videos, behind-the-scenes and showcase how your brand is keeping safe during these uncertain times. Create touching stories, write relevant blog posts and develop engaging videos to give your target group a sneak-peek into your sanitisation practices. This will keep existing and potential customers rest assured.  These strategies have been tried-and-tested to make your campaigns more effective. If you’re looking for a real estate digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, we’re here to help you. We ensure your brand thrives across various online channels.   To learn more about our real estate digital marketing services

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