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Video Production Services

Video creation is one of the essential elements of marketing. It gives face and voice to your business.

We understand that every project has a unique set of goals, which allows us to take great precautions in assessing production needs. Xplorenew assures you of its highly creative and efficient team who can script, produce, shoot, edit and deliver artistic feature content that mirrors your objectives.

Xplorenew specialises in providing a full circle of video production services, including corporate films, commercial films, product videos, explainer videos, animated videos, marketing videos, presentation videos, real estate videos, training videos, and safety videos in most competitive budget.  

Corporate films

We love producing corporate videos. We take care of the entire project, from concept and manuscript to filming and post-production editing. 

We produce videos of your company, how a product or a service works. This gives your employees and customers the confidence to take the next step.

  • Investor presentations
  • Training and instructional videos for employees
  • Product and service demos
  • Business event summaries
  • Company introduction videos for potential clients

Commercial films

Everyone remembers creative commercial films. Commercial films are made for a digital or broadcast purpose and are commercially marketed and distributed. And are a great way to establish a brand or advertise a promotion. 

We handle everything from generating ideas to concept development that will resonate with the audience. We use the best cameras and lighting to make your commercials stand out, along with top-notch graphics and animations.

  • Concept development
  • Pre-production
  • Casting
  • Production
  • Post-production

Product videos

Product videos are perfect for showcasing your product in action, allowing your target audience to see it in context to understand the product features, functions, and benefits. 

At Xplorenew, videos are done with strict planning, streaming through all the stages of production with a single motto," Increase sales." 

  • Show product in action
  • Engage your audience

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are short animated videos that describe a product or service in an appealing and engaging way by imprinting the viewer's mind. 

Our expertly designed stop motion video increases the perceived value of your brand and increases leads. 

Here are a few benefits of Explainer Videos:

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Clear and quick message delivery
  • Increases the time spent on the website
  • Significant increase in conversion rate
  • Creates a sense of trust

Animated videos

Content is all about storytelling. It could be about your product or your customers. The main goal is to share a message that compels, persuades, and convinces your audience to take action. Animated videos are fun and engaging as they bring concepts to life.

We achieve high-quality animation using sophisticated tools like photoshop, abode after effects, and Adobe Animate with Stop-motion animation, cut-out animation, and 3D visualization. 

  • Functional animation
  • Cinematic quality 
  • Stunning stimulations and effects 

Presentation videos

Communicating through videos is an advantage. We bring the Founder's vision into life and prepare decks that new and existing employees can understand. 

Xplorenew will help you with:

  • Sales presentation
  • Business presentation
  • Product presentation
  • Investor pitch
  • Corporate presentation

Real estate videos

Covid-19 has made everything virtual. Real estate is no exception. We produce videos that both buyers and sellers can use. We use phones and aerial footage by drones to showcase the property with more details than a photo or a PowerPoint presentation ever could. 

Increase your sales up and away. Increase inquiries and sell your properties using the best videos. We create effortlessly amazing videos to increase your ROI. 

Xplorenew services include:

  • Real estate marketing video
  • Realtor profile video
  • Real estate virtual tour

Training videos

Our training video combines the important messages you what to deliver along with a compelling experience or story. We create videos to educate people about the company,  the product, or your business's services.

We are experts in creating helpful training videos for your prospects, customers, and employees.

  • Instructive videos for students
  • Training videos for employees
  • Instructive videos for consumers

Safety videos

Safe working surroundings go a long way in ensuring the health and well-being of your employees. It helps improve the performance level and plays a crucial role in improving the organization's productivity, as your staff members can work effectively without the fear of getting sick or injured. One of the key features in creating a risk-free workplace is the delivery of high-quality safety training.

Safety Videos are easy to educate your staff and workers. It shows them how to follow safety regulations, what can potentially happen if they don't.

  • Hazard awareness 
  • Culture change
  • New equipment training
  • Emergency procedures

Xplore New is a one-stop shop for all of your branding and digital marketing needs. Xplore New is a team of dedicated professionals with more than a decade of experience in various digital marketing techniques, including search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), local SEO, social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO), and video marketing.

We promise to deliver the greatest digital marketing services and help your online business grow through an organised strategy, no matter how little or large it is.

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