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We’re an email marketing company that specialises in tailoring marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience. Our highly targeted approach gives you the result you’re looking for.

Email marketing is very effective and if you’re not making full use of it, you’re missing out. Unlike other agencies, we don’t send out non-personalised email blasts to entire databases. Instead, we follow a methodical approach to keep your emails relevant to every segment of your audience.

In order to reach the right person at the right time, we filter your database on various parameters including purchase history, behaviour and demographics. By creating a strategic roadmap, we get your emails to be opened and read by the recipients.

Based on the intention of your email, we execute the right strategy. Whether you want to inform, educate or entertain your target audience, we craft email marketing campaigns that will turn recipients into subscribers.

Email Marketing Strategy

Our email strategists understand your business goals, review your existing email marketing campaigns and then develop the best strategy to meet the information needs of your target audience.

Email Marketing Campaign

Good marketing starts with setting goals and as email marketing specialists, we’re pretty serious about understanding what you want to achieve. By optimising every element of your email campaign, we increase retention rates and ROI over time.

Email Template Design 

For an email marketing campaign to work, great design is key. Our graphic designers fuse design and content to bring your message to life. The way your email looks has a lot to do with target audience engagement.

We handle every aspect of your email marketing campaign. From creating an attractive email template to ensuring it reaches your customer’s inbox, we deliver on your needs.

Our email marketing services help businesses of all sizes to thrive. Our data-driven approach combines strategy, execution and reporting to give you great results.


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