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As one of the top web development companies in Hyderabad, we have helped clients across a gamut of sectors reach their full business potential. When you partner with us, we don’t just put your business online in the form of a great-looking website but drive incredible business outcomes.

The websites we design are more than just a pretty face. Ensuring it is functional and easy-to-use is our top priority. We have a team of domain experts that are well-versed with leading technologies including WordPress, React JS, Node JS, Express JS, Mongo JS, SQL, JAVA, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and PHP. Our aim is to give your users a web experience that is feature-packed and digitally transformative. When your potential customers visits your website, they will be compelled to stay as our experts strive to create the best possible experience for them.

Our wide range of web development services include ecommerce websites, custom software solutions, extranets, intranets, responsive mobile sites, mobile applications and much more. These are our core services; however, we’re not limited to these. We do believe that in today’s increasingly competitive market, the possibilities are limitless.

E-commerce Solutions

We create e-shopping experiences that deliver tangible results. From strategy to integration and migration, we take care of it all.

CMS, WordPress, Drupal

Our web developers are well-versed with the leading content management systems to ensure your website works effectively.


Our intranet and extranet developers create solutions that make your website scalable as your enterprise grows.

Mobile applications

From process to ideation and concept and delivery, we offer the best mobile and web app development services.

Email Marketing Solutions

With our best-in-class email marketing software, we create and track email marketing campaigns.

PHP and JS Development

PHP, Python and JavaScript/jQuery are a few programming languages and modern technologies our developers are proficient in.

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Effective Web Development Solutions

Cross-platform Web Development & Rigorous Testing

More than 50% of internet’s traffic comes from mobile users. Therefore, it is imperative to create websites that are responsive. At Xplore New, the websites we create undergo rigorous cross-platform testing before they’re handed over to the client. We test the functionality across various browsers and operating systems. Testing is performed from both a user and administrator point of view.

Secured website staging environment for your project

To make sure your website functions smoothly after it goes live, we test it in our secure website staging environment. Think of it as a rehearsal before the finale. We use an array of complex content gathering tools which gives us a chance to show the client the site architecture at every stage of the website design and development process. To prevent random people from accessing the staging environment, we keep it password protected. Every client will be able to securely test their website which is hosted on our server during development. Following this approach is time and cost-effective, and it gives your users the intended experience from the beginning.

Effective Web Development Solutions


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